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Chose safety with your spa treatments

We are fully aware that all of our social media followers and viewers will not come to us for professional services. Part of the reason why we post is to EDUCATE YOU, whether that education be in how to conduct yourself in the spa room, or what to expect professionals to do in the spa room.

I personally could very well go to someone to get my facial treatments done, but besides being able to perform most services on myself, I just don’t trust everyone; I went to school with a lot of people who did not like the cleaning up part of doing services/treatments, and I know they are out there in the professional world now.

Any time you go to get a professional treatment done, ALL tools equipment are supposed to be cleaned and sanitized/disinfected, and certain tools are supposed to be placed in a an autoclave (sterilizer cabinet). ANYTHING that is used that is disposable, the esthetician is supposed to show you it being opened for the very first time, so that YOU KNOW that NO ONE ELSE has used it before you. You can’t always see the steps taken to clean the spa room and tools, so it is very necessary to ask questions pertaining to the equipment used if you’re not sure. This is another reason why you should not be so quick to jump on a bargain deal or a Groupon. MANY of the “deals” you get on Groupon are for people just trying to get people in the door. They get next to nothing from Groupon in exchange for the service, so many people don’t really care. Blood-born pathogens is the number one reason why in some states it is required that gloves are worn by the esthetician during a facial. When it comes to ANY treatment where blood can be exposed you should be concerned about the facility and esthetician’s proper use of Universal Precautions. Almost any tool being used on a treatment can cause blood exposure (vampire facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microblading/shading etc.); even the extraction portion of a facial can cause blood to be exposed, and your esthetician should be wearing gloves, and using tissue to extract black/white heads etc. Your esthetician wearing not wearing gloves during the cleansing and moisturizing portion of your facial is optional to them in some places, but in many states it is mandatory to wear gloves during the entire facial. However, it is absolutely mandatory your esthetician wears gloves during extractions or any use of tools, waxing, tweezing etc. You are responsible for your own life, don’t carelessly leave it in the hands of others. No pun intended, but it is quite literal here

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