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Those sexy stilettos

They look and make you feel beautiful and sexy, but are they causing more harm than good?

They look and make you feel sexy, but are they doing more harm than good?

Our #feet are designed to support the #weight of our bodies. When wearing heels you minimize the surface area that is supporting you; you are now counting on the balls of your feet and your toes to take your full weight.

This can cause a range of problems starting at the feet and working it's way up....

Women aren't going to just stop wearing their sexy, beautiful #stilettos but...

Regular #massages asking your therapist to target your feet and legs can help alleviate the #pain caused by wearing Eheels and even help correct some of the resulting issues.

(We offer a leg & foot treatment )




High heels put an extreme amount of pressure on the forefoot. A 3-inch heel adds 76% more #pressure on your forefoot, and the higher you go, the more pressure you get.  This can cause all kinds of problems with your feet, including Morton’s Neuroma, which is a thickening of tissue around a nerve between the third and fourth #toes that causes pain and #numbness. In addition to Morton’s Neuroma, #bunion, hammer toe, mallet toe can form.


High heels also affect your #ankles. High heels are typically narrow and impair your balance. The lack of #balance means that you have a greater risk of rolling your ankle or even falling and injuring yourself.


Calf muscles are always tight when

wearing heels, shortening and tightening the #Achilles tendon  causing heel pain or weakness in the tendon, making it prone to injury during exertion.


One of the biggest problems with high heels is that they change your #posture. This altered posture puts extra pressure on your #knees, especially the inside portion of your knees. This increase in pressure can cause pain and, over time, can permanently affect the nerves in your knees.

Wearing shoes with even a slight heel creates an increase in the torque at the knee that flat shoes does not create. Repetitive loading at the knee, especially during walking, has been tied to the development of #osteoarthritis.


High heels push the center of mass in the body forward, taking the hips and #spine out of alignment.


The altered posture that affects your knees when wearing high heels can also affect your #back. High heels push your body weight forward. When your weight is pushed forward, your hips and spine are no longer aligned. This can cause all kinds of back problems and pain.

Wearing high heels day-in and day-out could lead to some painful consequences, which can impair your #mobility and end up leading to lasting problems. Vary your footwear, and make sure to stretch well after wearing your heels.

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