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Booty Work

Many people, especially women, don’t want to have their “butt” massaged during their treatment.

Not only does it feel great, but if you suffer from chronic back pain, or even tight hamstrings, you definitely don’t want to leave that part out.

The muscles that allow you to sit/stand upright, and bend side to side called the erector muscles, and the quadratus lumborum muscles originate/connect in the lower back, spine and hip area, which is the same area the gluteal (butt) muscles originate.

All of these muscles are necessary for stability, movement, and posture.

Sitting in a chair at work all day, and even spending too much time laying on your side, lounging on the couch or in the bed, puts stress on the muscles and discs of your back and neck, tightens your hip flexors, and puts pressure on, and restricts blood flow to your buttock muscles.

It is very necessary to work the “butt” muscles to alleviate the tightness and stiffness, boost circulation, and help you to move easier.

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