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Massage &

Body Work

Whether you have chronic pain, looking for stress relief, are a fitness enthusiast or athlete, detoxing, or just want to relax, we have a treatment for you.

Skin Care (Facials)

With Customized Facials for ladies and gentlemen with all skin types,  and targeted treatments like microdermabrasion, micro-current, chemical peels, and beard facials, we can help you achieve optimal skin health, and  get you feeling like your confident, youthful, beautiful self.

Body Waxing


We don't discriminate; we wax both females and males, with waxing services from face to feet, and everything in between.

We use quality wax that can only be purchased by licensed professionals.  We use low temperature hypoallergenic hard wax for most body parts, and intimate areas.

  Our waxing services are hygienic, and less painful with long-lasting results.


and more

Lash Extensions, Microblading, and other lash, brow, and permanent makeup treatments have taken the world by storm.

With many being victims of the 80's and 90's pencil thin brow epidemic, aging, and other factors causing thin/balding brows and scalps, and a desire to rid ourselves of applying mascara and lipstick daily, these services are much sought after, and Impressions, Body Solutions has it for you.

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